Nicola L.: Performance in The Old Blind School

Artist Nicola L. talks briefly of her involvement with the late Andy Warhol, followed by a spontaneous performance within her installation Atmosphere in White for Liverpool Biennial 2014.

Atmosphere in White included, in the artists words, ‘some of the Functional Art objects that I have been producing since the 60s. I have chosen this name because every single one of these objects is white, and this shared whiteness binds them together as a sort of dream-memory.’

In considering her symbols, she quotes poet and explorer Alain Gheerbrant and cultural anthropologist Jean Chevalier: ‘White is not a solar colour. It is not the colour of dawn, but the colour of dusk, that moment of total emptiness between night and day, when the oneiric world still blankets all of reality.’

Nicola L.’s work was shown at The Old Blind School as part of the 8th Liverpool Biennial Exhibition, A Needle Walks Into A Haystack, 5 July – 26 October 2014.